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New additions to HASCO's range of ejectors and guide elements

Ejectors and guide pillars now with DLC coating


With three new products, HASCO has responded to the mounting demands on the wear resistance and service life of components in injection moulding machines. This has been accomplished by applying a DLC coating to improve the slip properties and reduce susceptibility to wear of standard elements for guiding and ejection. The traditional cylinder pin Z40/… has been optimised by the DLC coating for clean-room production. Lubrication is no longer necessary. The DLC coating combines high surface hardness with excellent tribological properties for long service life and minimum wear. The new pin will be available as standard ex stock under the designationZ400/….


Another new addition to the product portfolio is the Z4650/… flat ejector with corner radii. Apart from the previously mentioned advantages of the DLC coating, the flat ejectors are manufactured with defined corner radii of 0.2 mm and will be available ex stock. This eliminates the need for any manual adjustment to the ejector element.Through the defined geometry, it is possible at the production stage to exactly produce the necessary radii in the mould insert by wire cutting, and thus minimise time-consuming adjustments. The combination of precise, defined external geometry and the DLC coating applied in the plant is a guarantee for long service life, fast cycle times and clean production.


With the new guide pillar Z040/…, HASCO has consistently continued its concept of lubricant-free production. Through the use of the DLC coating, there is no need for oil grooves. The continuous, uninterrupted guide surface of the pillars is a guarantee for virtually wear-free motion.


The outstanding slip properties of the DLC coating reduce the friction coefficient to such an extent that any wear between the guide bush and guide pillar can be virtually excluded. Conventional pillars with oil grooves influence the positive effect of the coating at a later date because the guide surface is interrupted by the lubricating grooves and provide a starting point for wear and tear.